About Life Groups 

Life groups are gatherings that meet regularly–usually weekly–that are designed to provide an opportunity to make friends, make disciples,  and make a difference.


Make Friends:

We were meant to do LIFE together, and we believe that community happens best around shared interests and passions, so we have a variety of groups–from Bible studies and sports groups to service groups and book studies.

Make Disciples:

Regardless of the type of group, the purpose of each one is to create a place where we can grow to become more like Jesus: to model His character, ways, and mission to the world. (Matthew 28:16-20)

Make a Difference:

Jesus came with a mission to reconcile the world to God, to restore creation to it's intended state, and He charged His followers with continuing that mission. Life Groups aren’t meant to be insular communities but rather units of the Church on mission from God, bringing the light and love of Christ to those around them.