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From our New Members Classes to our Life Groups, we desire to see people grow together in their church body. Maybe you're new to Lakeside and you have some questions or maybe you've been attending for years and never officially became a member, our New Members Class would be a great way to get started. Maybe you have to work on Sunday but you're still wanting to worship and fellowship with others, or maybe you're looking for deeper relationships that homes and families have to offer. You can look through our Life Group options and get involved.



Join The Family

New members class

Feeling like becoming a member of Lakeside Church of God? We offer a wonderful class that would start before service on Sunday morning. This class would give you great insight on who we are and what we believe. Feel free to fill out the form below if you're interested or if you have any questions!

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Life Groups

Doing Life together

Wherever you are in life, there are real people going through similar things. Lakeside's Life Groups aim to get those people together in a more cozy-feeling, family-friendly environment. 

Click below to view our Life Groups page!