About Lakeside


Lakeside Church of God has a long history in Norman, Oklahoma, having been in two previous locations before purchasing the property it currently occupies. Located on 33 acres surrounded by three lakes, we are continuing to grow with God's purpose and the needs of our community in mind.

In today's ever-changing times, we must move forward together to share the Good News and the Love of Jesus, allowing the Anointing of the Holy Spirit to bring real inward change! 


A message from the Pastor...

"We are Real People serving a Real God providing Real Answers to Real Needs"

What does it mean to be real? Webster's definition speaks more about what "Real" is NOT. It says -not artificial or illusory. But it does give us a synonym that speaks volumes. The synonym is "genuine", which means having the qualities or character of the original. 

We are a church that is striving to live out the qualities and character of "the original", referring of course to Jesus Christ. After all, that is what being a Christian is all about- being Christ-like.

Jesus was a REAL person, who was involved in REAL relationships, meeting REAL needs in REAL ways. This is our goal- to meet you right where you are... In the middle of a real world with real problems and real needs, showing you there is a REAL answer and His name is Jesus. 

-Pastor Robert Peterson


4400 Alameda Norman, Oklahoma 73026